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That’s a bold statement. You probably heard the phrase “race to the bottom” before. Sadly, for the longest time, Italian politics has been nothing but that. For all the backbiting, backstabbing and crab mentality, it seems that Italian politics can’t rise above. In fact, many other countries in the EU have dismissed the Italian political economy as hopelessly outdated.

They have dismissed us as products of an earlier time in social-political evolution. I know this offensive and insulting. I resist such categorization, but you really can’t avoid the glimmers of truth in such blanket dismissals. The truth is Italian politics doesn’t have to be caught in that one-way ticket race to the bottom.

The great thing about Italian culture is that we have a sense of community. We were not fully individualist even though we’re Europeans. We come from a tradition of a strong regard for the greater public good.

This is the big dilemma that we face because, as we could all agree on the overarching theme and philosophy, when it comes to actual implementation, all bets are off. You only need to look at the past 60 years of Italian politics to see this in action.

To say that Italian political economy at some level or another is dysfunctional would be to put it mildly, especially after the 1960s. Still, we have to keep trying. There is always room for improvement. The best part to all of this is we don’t have to become German we don’t have to become Scandinavians we can remain Italian. There is a strong Italian solution to this set of problems.

Problem Number One: Inclusive Democracy

1. The Division

As you already know, if you are reading this blog and any other blogs on Italian politics and culture, there is a divide in Italy. In fact, it should be obvious. The divide starts roughly at Naples. Below Naples is another Italy; above Naples is another Italy. This cannot be sustained for long. We have to create a unified Italian development model that ensures inclusive democracy and growth for everybody.

2. Future of Democracy

It's one thing to stick to a democratic model, it's another to actually deliver on all the blessings that this form of government can and does deliver. It is not a function of historical accident nor cultural background. It goes beyond that. It really all boils down to simple political will. Just because it hasn't happened in the past, doesn't necessarily mean it's not going to happen in the future. Similarly, just because we are stuck with seemingly intractable pattern of dysfunction and problems, doesn't necessarily mean that we are perpetually doomed to repeat it.

How To

Reform Italian Politics to Boost Growth and the Viability of Italian Culture

I’m a firm believer in our culture because I know in my heart of hearts this is where the answer lies. It’s not a question of imposing a system or a set of solutions from within. While inspiration is great and importing ideas are awesome, we have to ultimately reform them with both an Italian face and heart, and, yes, a purely Latin soul. So what problems do we have facing us? What is the big project that we need to confront?

Sustainable Economy

Ask 100 people what the answer is to produce a sustainable economy, and, chances are, you probably would come up with 101 or more different answers. That highlights the fragmented, yet exciting, intellectual ferment that forms the backdrop to our project.

Projects Done

It’s obvious that the market has to be reformed. It’s not performing the way it should. The blessings of economic democracy are not being felt by all layers of society. Something has to be done. The problem is figuring out which path to get there. We can all agree on the final destination. We could all agree on the final set of blessings that we should all aim for. The problem is everybody’s driving in their own road. The project then turns on not only identifying these roads, but ensuring that everybody drives at the same direction and at the same rate of speed.

Welfare System Reformed

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We will get to know you and your family so that we can help the jury understand what has happened to you and your family and how it has changed your lives.

Results-driven immigration

Immigration, again, just like welfare, is a non-issue that is a big issue. It’s a non-issue in the sense that we need immigration because of the low birth rate of our country. If we just shut out all migration and start and plug up the border, we will end up in the same basket as Japan where the average age is approaching 47. Something has to be done and immigration is a tool to fix that demographic problem However, we cannot stop there.

To maintain and preserve Italian culture, we have to have a serious discussion on how we can solve the economic ramifications of low birth rate, while at the same time, propagating Italian culture. A lot of this has to focus on results-driven and quality-based immigration.

Renewed emphasis on arts, culture and science

The bottom line is what does it mean to be a citizen of Italy in this day and age? A lot of the answers, of course, must go back to what has made our civilization so distinctive. We're talking about Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Galileo. These have to be celebrated, preserved, and re-emphasized as foundational to not only our past, but also to our future.


Essential Tips on How to Get the Best Out Of Your Lol Smurfs

High-ranked players usually consider purchasing a lol smurf account to aid their improvement and effectiveness. For the standard process, it will take the player a couple of months to move from level 1 to level 30 so consider buying lol smurfs instead.

The holy grail of this game (the ranked queue), also known as the ELO hell is the point of no return. You stop climbing at this point. When you reach your skill level, you will lose control of the game and start to use the team features. To pass through this stage, the only thing that will bail you out is through practice.

While it is not a bad idea to practice on your real account, it could cause more dangers. If you were able to reach Platinum 1 but not yet ready to attain more positions and ranks, then you can now organize a practice session on a League of Legends smurf account.

The main advantage is that you will gain more MMR without losing anyone, thereby limiting your chance of reaching Diamond stage. It also allows you achieve the optimal ELO, to boost your confidence.

Hide Who You Are

Are you a professional player or famous streamer who wants to conceal their identity? Smurfing is a fantastic way to perform this task. There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to hide their identity, and smurfing provides the best way to tackle this problem.

If you are a famous streamer, then you would have been getting messages from unknown people, receiving friends’ requests, and have a lot of suckers looking to swindle you. This leads to frustration, and you can’t blame people because they just want to have fun and play the game. Just be in a low key when using your new lol smurfs and don’t reveal your identity to people. Otherwise, it can lead to more complications or end up having the same problem as your primary account. To get the best out of this, consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Pokemong Go Account: Reasons Why You Need to Buy an Account

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is widely accepted by most people. It is described as augmented reality games wherein, via your mobile device, it will enhance the views of Pokemon to enable you to capture them. Millions of players all around the globe play this game, and more people are joining on a daily basis. And for you to get utmost satisfaction, then it is wise to locate and capture every Pokemon. If that is your desire, then consider acquiring a pokemong go account. There are several reasons why you should consider getting one.

Complete your Pokedex fast

It takes a lot of time to catch every Pokemon because of the time spent on walking and other tasks. But you can free yourself from this stress by buying an account for Pokemon Go. This will ensure the quick capture of the Pokemon and for the speedy completion of your Pokedex. Instead of spending lots of time walking around finding a specific Pokemon, you can just purchase an account and acquire all of them at once.

Have all of the Pokemon

It is quite difficult to catch every Pokemon. There are about 150 of them available for capture, with the addition of more Pokemon. That leaves you in a discomfort state by finding every one of them individually, even the odd ones. If you desire to capture all of the Pokemon, you can simply purchase an account. An account contains all the Pokemon, so you don’t need to devote time finding and capturing the Pokemon.

Own the Pokemon you want

Numerous Pokemon are available in the game, about 150 of them. And there are some specific ones that you want to capture. Asides from this, few rare ones are a luxury to afford. And they can be hard to locate sometimes. Examples of Pokemon that are rare include the Gyarados and the Dragonite. To acquire this rare pokemon, endeavor to buy a pokemong go account. This will ensure that you reach your targets at a fast pace and for optimal satisfaction.

Guide to Shopping for Great Christmas Gifts for Everyone

It is without a doubt that we have at least one person on your gift list, which is somewhat a difficult task to get a gift for. Regardless of the fact that Christmas is a gift-giving season and a season that it is just right to spread cheer, a percentage of individuals that might end up without being satisfied just as other folks will be. Concerning this percentage of people, there is the option of gift vouchers that are made available for them. It can easily be obtained from retailers. Gift vouchers can be used in retail stores and departmental stores and they permit them to have their gift returned just in case they make the decision that does not want the selected item. It is advised that you visit to learn more regarding the subject.

Some and affordable gift choices may be, a cooking e-book crammed full of just about the recipes that you know that the recipient will appreciate, gift vouchers to a particular eating lace or fast food outlet, films that have been procured for at the pawn shop, or puzzles. By visiting backyard sakes during the hotter months will be a great step to take when in search of great deals because you are making your purchase right ahead of time before things get stressful and before the price starts getting hiked up. Shopping ahead of time is more like the best option you can take when you want to save money, in the sense that large percentage of individuals might not have started to consider shopping for Christmas Gifts.

In the case where you happen to have an imaginative side or perhaps you happen to be a designer, you can opt to paint imagery of sketch imagery and purchase a very appealing frame to place your creation. Just in case you are gifted with phrases and words, then it is only right that you do some form of poetry to whatever person you want to get a gift for, you should opt to place them inside an appealing frame as well. If perchance, you are a sculptor, then you might find different solid wood pieces and then form the bits into something unique and amazing.

A Closer Look at the T-Shirt Printing Equipment Needed To Start a Business

If you are looking to starting your own business or if on the other hand, you are just in search of an additional source of income, there is every chance that t-shirt printing will pop into your mind. Most people resort to buying shirts mainly because of it is a necessity. If perchance, you can make provision of excellently designed shirts, there is actually no reason why they will not patronize your merchandise. It is necessary that you acquire a t-shirt printing equipment because it is more like the only with which you can get your ideas off the ground on a professional level. You require two sets of equipment and they are two options. Below are the two options and what you need for each one.

Heat transfer printing

T-shirt printing is mostly done with a heat press machine. A lot of people start their journey of T-shirt printing using this path owing to the fact that it is somewhat cheap. It is more like the basic process of t-shirt printing. All that is required if you have the design on your computer and print it on a paper, most especially the paper that is fashioned specifically for a heat press machine. You require the transfer papers, the heat press machine, and the design as far as this method is concerned. There are several options like sublimation or vinyl transfers. The disadvantage is that it is expensive compared to other methods of producing prints, the process is designed to effectively meet the needs of small productions

Silkscreen printing

Right after you have established your business and you are prepared to start accepting big orders, then it is advised that you opt for silk screen printing. You would require photo emulsion, frames, inks and squeegee. There are actually machines out there, designed to make the process a whole lot easier. These machines, without doubt, are designed to meet the needs of complex designs. Silkscreen, without a doubt, is the ideal choice for bigger jobs since the frames can be reused. Rather than making use of one print for every shirt you intend on orienting with the heat transfer printing procedure, you can use frames for multiple shirts.

Why You Need to Enhance Your Rooms with Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

Garage floor epoxy coatings are a functional, popular and cost-effective way of finishing a large room or area. One of the ways that the basic concrete can be treated to creating a unique texture and look, and at the same time providing a safe and strong surface is by applying epoxy floor coatings. Click here for a review of the best garage floor epoxy coatings.

There are various benefits of having a garage floor epoxy coatings on a concrete floor, most of which will be of assistance in extending the life of the floor and ensure that the floor is a lot more functional. It is important you are aware that not all concrete floors are suitable for epoxy floor paint, but with the addition of modern materials, most floors can be treated just so that the coating will be accepted without a problem.

With garage floor epoxy coatings, the concrete floor basic texture can be modified just so that it can be more utilized by a business or home. The coating can have a non-slip material incorporated, or you can just rely on the epoxy properties, just so it can provide a very slip-resistant surface that can be of assistance in situations where there is liquid or moisture on the floor. Furthermore, certain types of coatings provide you with a finish that is of great strength that it will easily resist damage from items dropped and it will resistant to heat. In such manner, there are coatings that are fashioned in such a way that they allow moisture to move up through the epoxy, thus preventing the moisture that held up in the underlying concrete from affecting the finish.

Appealingly, garage floor epoxy coatings can transform a grey, neutral concrete floor to a colorful and vibrant element of the room that will suit the walls and other fixtures; a number of the epoxy floor coatings can be colored or perhaps tinted so that when they are dry they will be of a unique color. This will ensure that it becomes a lot more appealing.

Locate a Mobile Phone For Free With These Apps

Amidst numerous innovations and technology breakthroughs, we only make use of few of them for our daily activities. One of them is GPS technology. The different reasons for using them are to navigate through our directions, book a ride, know the appropriate routes, know some specific locations, and recover stolen phones and a host of others. The main benefit of using the GPS tech on our device is to localiser un portable gratuitement, either by tracking our device or tracking other phones. This article provides top free phone GPS trackers to spot the location of a cell phone online.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker makes use of coordinates and current GPS location data to spot the location of registered smartphones, mobile phones, and even the conventional mobile phones through the app’s website, and this can be done at any time. With it, you can link your friends or locate the lost device.


Lookout is designed to cater for several security issues, and device tracking forms part of the features. If a good antivirus app is not incorporated in your device, you might opt for this and use the phone tracking included in the app. Android and iOS devices support lookout.


Prey is designed as an anti-theft app, and it can be installed on multiple platforms, such as Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. With the installation of this app on your devices, you can spot the location of the device from anywhere irrespective of your location.

The app is designed with numerous features. The free account has the capability to hold about three devices and have a maximum storage capacity of 20 reports.


The Familonet app is used for tracking your friends and loved ones. The app can be installed on secondary devices, and perform the task on your primary device. The app can also alert other family members if one member is unavailable or just leaving the area. Endeavor to use this app for the tracking of your kids and loved ones.

Android and iOS devices support Familonet.

Checklist of Baby Registry Gifts: When to Register Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower event is held at least one month before the arrival of the newborn baby. The purpose of organizing this event is to provide valuable gifts for the expectant mom. Other reasons for organizing this event are to have fun by welcoming the arrival of the baby with a bang. Armed with a checklist of baby registry gifts, most expectant moms frequently create a list of gifts they want at their preferred departmental store. They can also register at multiple stores if they desire to do so. However, they must pick the items that suit their needs and requirements. The expectant mom should be the one in charge of the organization to avoid any alterations or complications. This is a big occasion and there must not be any error.

A baby gift registry is considered as an innovative way to help reduce the burden and stress of the guests of a baby shower willing to present gifts. Through the baby gift registry, the guests have direct access to the mom to ask for the kind of items she wants for her baby shower.

The registration of a baby shower should start immediately after the announcement of the event date. The earlier the list is created, the earlier the guests can begin selecting the items they want to purchase.

However, the expectant mom should coordinate the activities of the baby shower as well as plan her registry. It is wise to include details about the baby registry in the invitations, and the host must plan it.

There are numerous gift items that must be included by the expectant mom in her registry. Usually, most women organize significant events for their first child. If that is the case, the registry could contain varieties of items that an expectant mom would need for her baby. And these include valuable items such as clothing, baby bottles, diapers, crib, receiving blankets, baby carrier, changing table, a baby car seat and a host of others. For utmost satisfaction, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Kik Usernames: Finding the Best Usernames for Kik Friends

There are thousands of users on Kik, and it is quite challenging to find Kik friends sometimes. That shouldn’t make you angry because it is rare to find usernamesfinder websites nowadays. However, you can create a list of interest names with a bit of research. All it requires from you is the time and a little bit of creativity to create the list of interest names you desire to have as friends.

However, you have to follow some steps when creating a username. There are numerous ways of creating a good username. No strict rules apply in the process. Still, you are advised to follow some fundamental rules to help you achieve your target and get the best result.

Step 1 – You are advised to create a name within 15-20 characters. You can easily remember good kik names and search for it within few moments. If you had a long username, there is every possibility that nobody will consider it. The best kik names should be the one that can be recalled easily, like one of your funny nicknames.

Step 2 – It is unwise to use your real name for cool Kik usernames. The fact is that there are several people with similar names residing in your area. You wouldn’t want to have similar names with other people. Endeavor to use another name that is different or distinct or try mix letters to form a good combination.

Step 3 – Let your choice reveal your personality. If you have interest in dancing, opt for something like CrazyAboutDance or DanceQueen. This attracts people of one mind to your profile, and you will have a meaningful discussion. Endeavor to use a username that is meaningful to avoid it becoming a messy and complicated username.

Step 4 – Using a mix of random letters look great and cool. In reality, it is unwise for the cool Kik names to appear like fake accounts or bots. The best kik names must look exciting and uniform. You are to appear professional and matured, so endeavor to use a cool username.

Swegway: Exciting Tips and Tricks for Riding Your Hoverboard

Let us assume you just purchased the new self-balancing Swegway and ensured that all the components are appropriately fixed at the right position. And the most challenging task that users pass through is when learning how to ride it. Do not be afraid because you are not alone in this case, lots of unprofessional Swegway users have experienced difficulty when riding the hoverboard. For optimum utilization of this device and to avoid falling into unpalatable situations, there are some tricks and tips available for use.

Tricks of the trade

If you are new to the swegway world, the best place to start is practicing on soft surfaces like grass. This is because the soft ground is the best place to start the practice process to avoid injuries and complications. This will enable you to learn the driving with ease, and it is an ideal alternative to the concrete surface.

Don’t be in haste when riding the hoverboard and don’t be afraid to start the operation. Endeavour to put both feet on the board for the calibration of your weight and to ensure the proper adjustment. Once on, endeavor to balance yourself on the board and put the parts of your body in the right section to provide a smooth ride. Failure to do so can result in injuries, breakdown, and other complications. Also, you must feel comfortable and stable on the hoverboard.

The key to riding the device smoothly is by tilting your feet in a forward position and allow them to control the movement of the Swegway. Riding a Swegway is similar to the bike operation, difficult at the start but once you master the device, it becomes more comfortable for you. A slow pace movement will result in more precise and smooth process and ensures that the traveling experience is worthwhile. Avoid putting yourself in an awkward position and do not panic. Just like swimming, you are advised to keep calm and focus on riding the Swegway.  Doing this will ensure that the Swegway responds to controls which will make the experience a memorable and exciting one.

Essential Guide to Choosing Your LV Handbag

In the fashion world, Louis Vuitton handbags are popular for their hip style and high stature elegance, thus due to this popularity, many designers are not mimicking their designs, to the extent that many are creating counterfeited models. This is the reason why when you go shopping to buy a handbag lv, ensure that you are educated on what you can look out for to be sure you are buying an authentic rather than a fake.

Before you go out to acquire a handbag, consult product review sites that talk about designer bags just so you can have a general perspective from different people that bought it. Doing this will ensure that you know the designs that are currently in vogue and the designs that most people find appealing. Consulting the reviews will assist you in identifying the outstanding features.

Firstly, it is important that you inspect the leather used, the leather should be one of the finest tan leather and it should be the best in oxidizing. If perchance, trim metals are present, ensure that it is of the best quality. Furthermore, ensure that it is properly marked on the inside and look out for the style number on it. Any handbag you inspect and none of the fore mentioned is observed then you are assured that that is not an authentic LV handbag.

Louis Vuitton has stressed the fact they that most of their products are fashioned from continuous material and this is the second aspect that you should consider when you are making a choice. This actually means that the LV’s on one side will be upside down and this is the reason why it is perfect to check the inside if you want to make confirmations. If again you notice a product not meeting these criteria, it is only wise that you reconsider purchasing that product since it is not authentic. In addition, there is the certain dealer that has been authorized by the Louis Vuitton manufacturer to sell product and there is no risk at all buying from these authorized dealers. Thus, it is important you are sure if the dealer is authorized before you consider buying at all.

Wallets Review: Amazing Wallets That Define Your Style

The wallet options are no longer based on bi-fold or tri-fold. Today, there are numerous varieties of wallets available for men. Men do not replace their billfolds regularly like the women who often replace her handbags. Therefore, when shopping for a wallet, opt for a durable and well-designed wallet over cut-rate materials or faddish looks. According to data sourced from a wallets review, there are numerous factors to consider in a high-grade wallet such as the materials used, robust stitching, and functionality.

Most durable billfold is built from leather materials, while the others are made from other materials, so consider other options when shopping for man-made materials. It is wise to scrutinize the old wallet thoroughly, consider the good and bad qualities of the item and choose the new wallet based on your evaluation. If the old billfold didn’t come with enough sections or pockets, then it is wise to look for billfolds or checkbook wallets that come with additional compartments for credit cards, cash, and other items.

For a traveler, he should opt for passport wallets. Passport wallets ensure that the traveler passes through the security checkpoints without much difficulty. All travel papers and money are contained in one convenient space. Passport wallets contain more areas than a conventional wallet. Passport wallets provide room to contain necessary items like cash, credit cards and the usual items available in a billfold. The exciting feature about Passport wallets is the extra spaces for business cards, passport, and exclusive sections for travel documents and foreign currency. Passport wallets are designed in bi-fold or a more viable version designed with zipping around closure. This helps keep all your items, coins, cash and credit cards in one compartment.

If a passport wallet is bulky for an everyday billfold then it is advisable to opt for slim leather wallets. They are available in the bi-fold or tri-fold options for men. Slim billfolds don’t come with enough room and pockets like the ordinary billfold. Endeavour to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Wireless Routers Review: Guide to Understanding the Basic Features

Most time it can be quite frustrating and complicated when you are shopping for the best wireless router. For starter, you are bound to experience issues will the jargons on the products. In addition, you are at the risk of being duped into investing in outdated products by mischievous dealers. It is only right that as a starter you consult a wireless routers review, just so you will be familiar with some of the basic features in a standard wireless router, this is one of the ways you can guaranty not to be extorted into acquiring an outdated router.

Below you will find some of the most important features and specs you ought to insist on in your products at the point of purchase.

Understanding the Wireless Standards

The performance of a wireless router is predetermined by the configuration of the hardware. One thing that the fastest products in the market have in common is that they have an 802.11ac capability. These wifi routers are declared powerful because the strength of their signal is amplified to enhance the performance experienced by the end-users.

Wi-Fi Channels

The best wife routers in the market work on both the 5GHZ and the 2.4GHZ frequencies. The additional bandwidth allocation on the 5GHZ line facilitates the glib flow of data. The single band products often are overawed by the vast amounts of data and after some time they stop functioning just as expected. On the other hand, if you opt for a tri-band or dual-band product, the additional traffic is redirected to the rarely used 5GHz network, thus you can continue to watch movies and browse the internet with ease.

IPV 6 Vs IPV 4

There is always some of the risks of being attacked through your wireless routers. The wireless routers are at greater risk than their counterparts. It is advised that you remain with the WPA or WPA 2 protocol enabled products, just so you can reduce the risk of being hacked. Consumers are further advised to migrate from using Internet Protocol version 4 devices to the Internet Protocol version 6.

Best Shark Vacuum: A Look at Features and Cost Considerations

It seems very much normal to wonder why Shark vacuum cleaners are much better compared to the other type of cleaners available in the market. Most people ask what exactly makes the best shark vacuum unique, it is because of the manufacturers place their focus on maneuverability. It has been observed that they are always o the flexible side, thus making them the ideal choice for tight spaces. However, they do not sacrifice power.

Below you will find some other key features found in Shark vacuums.

Shark Rotator-Powered Lift-Away TruePet

Ease of Use

The Shark Rotator powered Lift-Away TruePet, just as its name implies, is the vacuum you want for cleaning up after your fur babies. The manufactures boats of its motorized pet upholstery tool and brush. It is the ideal choice if you intend on cleaning places that are somewhat hard-to-reach. The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet has a tight canister that can be detached in order to reach tight spaces without putting its cleaning power on the line. It comprises of a brush roll pod, upright vacuum, and canister option. In reality, it is more like a 3-in-1 dream.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is more like a two-in-one option. It has a lift away option and it is an excellent upright vacuum machine. It has two washable microfiber pads and a hard floor attachment that assist in picking up dirt from hard floors. The accompanying hard floor attachment is one of the reasons why the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional cleaner stands out from the others in the market because most cleaners in the market do not offer the fore mentioned. Feedbacks from most users reveal that the Navigator is as powerful and reliable like other high-end vacuums they once owned and the majority are happy with its light weight.

Costs for these come in levels, depending on which of the model you desire. They are:

  • The Navigator series tends to be costly and it can be acquired between $140 and $180. Most Retailers reveal that they sell them more compared to the other models, so prices on these may vary based on sales.
  • A Rocket stick vacuum can be acquired for about $200.
  • Rotator models with the Powered Lift-Away Technology can be purchased between $250 and $300.

A Guide to the Best Multifunction Heat Press

The process of transferring prints on any material can be done semi-automatically using digital technology or perhaps manually using an iron. This is the point where the heat press machine in introduced; it ensures that all the necessary elements like temperature/heat, timing and pressure and utilized properly in the heat transfer process. Visit for detailed information on how the heat press machine works.

Let us take a look at the features of a multifunction heat press:

OrangeA Multifunction Heat Press Machine (5 in 1)

This 5 in  1 swing away fabricated machine comes with a 360-degree rotation that assists in avoiding accidental contact. The machine is fabricated fully assembled with the following elements: a curved 6” x 3” cap/hat press, two press plates (#1: 5” max diameter and #2: 6” max diameter), a 12” x 5” platen press, a mug press (3” – 3.5” diameter, 11oz), and other essential parts such as the silicone pad, cotton pad and an operation manual. The dimension of the machine is 21” x 20.5” x 19” with an adjustable height of 13.5” -0 17”

The machine has an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle with an arm that is 24/5 inches long; the heating board incorporated in the machine is about 4.5” thick and it is constructed of plastic and metal.

The machine employs 1400 wattage with 110 volts of power input. The lower platen is elevated just so it provided double support that can be removed. The machine has an inbuilt fuse that makes it a safe choice and the length of the power cord is about 4.5”

An LCD display is incorporated in this machine for displaying the timer and for temperature control. In addition, there is an audible alarm that goes off when the target time is reached or perhaps elapsed. The timer control is between 0 – 999 seconds, with a temperature range between 32 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 – 250 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, there is an adjustable temperature scale.

This 5 in 1 machine can be used for the heat transfer process of colorful characters and pictures, numbers and letter, of dissolving and sublimating ink into glass, textiles, and ceramics of varying feels.