Best Quilting Rotary Cutter Reviews- How to Choose the Best

I am sure you know that there is a little difference between most rotary cutters. Some are easy to handle or grip with a sleek design, which cut smoothly and doesn’t cause any distortion. Keeping that in mind, which of the brands is the best rotary cutter for 2018? Which one should you opt for?

Everyone has a preference or requirement when you consider the kind of quilting cutting and sewing tool they use. I have perused these facts and selected some of the high-quality rotary cutters from the most popular brands that will facilitate a fast and convenient cutting operation. In this article, we will help you select the best one that will suit your needs.

Listed below are the most popular rotary cutters for 2018:

Fiskars Contour Rotary Cutter- Budget Friendly

I am sure you have at one point in time come across other varieties, which implies that you are conversant with the quality and reputation that the brand stands for. For this particular model, the brand didn’t come short either.

Looking practical and simple, the 45mm rotary cutter is designed with sharp edges that can pierce through several layers of fabrics. The other benefit is that the device can cut through thick fabrics, paper, felt and vinyl.

You may be in a dilemma whether you can use the device with both of your hands. The answer is yes, you can. Just assemble them together to your strongest hands. Another interesting fact is that the blades don’t get blunt after usage because it is made of high-quality Stainless Steel.

Olfa 60mm Rotary Cutter Review

Can you think about the energy and time you will save if you invest in a rotary cutter that can pierce through six layers at a go?  Yeah! It sounds impressive. Olfa ticks all the boxes when it comes to convenience, safety, strength, and speed with this fantastic device.

The dual action lock incorporated into the rotary cutter will keep you safe when piercing through materials and even when not in use. The unique feature of this device is the use of specialized blades for pinking, scalloping and wave. The design ensures that you have comfort and convenience.

What materials are you cutting?

Cotton, fleece, fabric, vinyl, felt or upholstery? There is a rotary cutter that can pierce through all of them.

However, I suggest that you use this device on a cutting mat to prolong the lifespan of the blades. If you don’t understand the Japanese language, you will need to translate the Japanese instructions for proper assemblage. Google is a good source for translation.

Pink Power 45mm Rotary Cutter

Asides from having a rotary cutter that can pierce through any material, this particular device takes the comfort and safety of the users into great consideration. This is evident in the ergonomic handle and the pink color of this device to ensure effective utilization and service delivery.

This device is equipped with an  SKS-7 Steel blade that remains in its sharpened state for a long time and wouldn’t require a replacement for an extended period of time. In addition, the blade doesn’t deviate or wobble due to the incorporation of a built-in lock feature that enables it to stay in the same position at all times. The movement of the rotary cutter to other areas will not cause any disruption because of the incorporation of the safety features.

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