Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews – Considerations for Buying the Best

Every vinyl cutter that has been reviewed on the Tshirt Professional blog is widely recognized for its long-time durability and master class performance. But in this article, we will talk about some other factors that have to be considered. Essentially, a vinyl cutter that is ideal for someone may not be good for others. Therefore, I came up with a list of features and by applying these, it will help you to find the perfect one for you. The criteria are highlighted below;

  1. Cutting Depth and Materials

This particular criterion depends solely on the blade. But it also depends on the pressure that the device can apply. Generally, 210 gf force can conveniently cut 1 mm depth. But for some of the high-grade vinyl cutter, they have a maximum cutting capacity of 2mm. So, it is wise to determine the amount of depth that will be required for the project. In my opinion, I will suggest that you opt for the 2.0mm because there may be times whereby it requires cutting leather and thick papers.

On the other hand, I will advise that you check whether the materials you intend to work on is compatible with the cutter. Although some of the most effective vinyl cutters can conveniently cut loads of material, a good one should be compatible with lots of popular materials. If you intend to get your design on several materials, I will advise that you select the one that has the capability to cut through loads of materials.

  1. Printing Facility‚Äč

Note that printing facility is unavailable with all vinyl cutter. Only some of the high-grade cutter will allow you to perform this task. Some vinyl cutters are equipped with two cartridges and you can use one for printing. Another feature is the sketch pen that comes with the cartridge and available in several colors and some bundle pack comes with loads of these items available in different color. Even we also have some vinyl cutter with one cartridge that offers this facility. But you will definitely face some difficulties while cutting them after printing.

I prefer to use two cartridges at once. Because while I am not interested in printing, I can utilize the two cartridges for cutting. Due to this, my work is done speedily. If you later decide to opt for the one equipped with a printing facility, I advise that you consider something factors. One of them is print quality. In general, an effective one comes with 100 dpi printing capability. But we also have some high-grade device that can print in 600 dpi.

  1. Flexibility

The flexibility of a device is dependent on various criteria. Endeavor to check the voltage capacity of the device. If it goes well with your supply line, then it is effective. But you can also select one that is powered via variable rating. As a result, when you change location, it won’t be a useless device. Some vinyl cutters are not compatible with any third-party software. The software that they offer and in addition to the third-party software is generally compatible with both mac and windows device. But if you intend to utilize a chrome book, you will definitely pass through some difficulty.

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