A Closer Look at the T-Shirt Printing Equipment Needed To Start a Business

If you are looking to starting your own business or if on the other hand, you are just in search of an additional source of income, there is every chance that t-shirt printing will pop into your mind. Most people resort to buying shirts mainly because of it is a necessity. If perchance, you can make provision of excellently designed shirts, there is actually no reason why they will not patronize your merchandise. It is necessary that you acquire a t-shirt printing equipment because it is more like the only with which you can get your ideas off the ground on a professional level. You require two sets of equipment and they are two options. Below are the two options and what you need for each one.

Heat transfer printing

T-shirt printing is mostly done with a heat press machine. A lot of people start their journey of T-shirt printing using this path owing to the fact that it is somewhat cheap. It is more like the basic process of t-shirt printing. All that is required if you have the design on your computer and print it on a paper, most especially the paper that is fashioned specifically for a heat press machine. You require the transfer papers, the heat press machine, and the design as far as this method is concerned. There are several options like sublimation or vinyl transfers. The disadvantage is that it is expensive compared to other methods of producing prints, the process is designed to effectively meet the needs of small productions

Silkscreen printing

Right after you have established your business and you are prepared to start accepting big orders, then it is advised that you opt for silk screen printing. You would require photo emulsion, frames, inks and squeegee. There are actually machines out there, designed to make the process a whole lot easier. These machines, without doubt, are designed to meet the needs of complex designs. Silkscreen, without a doubt, is the ideal choice for bigger jobs since the frames can be reused. Rather than making use of one print for every shirt you intend on orienting with the heat transfer printing procedure, you can use frames for multiple shirts.

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