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This blog is really just a clearinghouse of ideas. I’m not really wedded and to a large degree. This is just a space for pitting ideas against ideas. In the world of concepts, the most dangerous thing you can do is to leave an idea unchallenged. You put it on a pedestal and assume that it would work its magic. That is a one-way ticket to disaster.

If you really want a positive change and test your thinking patterns so you can make better decisions, you need clashes of ideas. Thesis would hit antithesis and will create all sorts of permutations. You keep repeating the process over and over again in this metaphorical atom collided of concepts to refine ideas to their most basic, then come up with applications that would deliver the most good for the most people.

A crucial part of this is for people to share their thoughts. Feel free to weigh in and share resources. Regardless of where you fall in the political spectrum, I want to hear from you because this project that we have in front of us is so is too valuable, too precious, and, sadly, too fragile for us to remain polarized. We need to share resources, ideas share criticism, so we can constantly fine-tune our way to greater and greater success.

Again, I’m a big fan of results. It doesn’t really matter what road I take together as long as it delivers the right kind of result. It has to have freedom, has material goods for people, and has to deliver happiness and

Feel Free to Comment on My Posts

If any of my posts don’t seem right to you, do let me know. Don’t hold back. Don’t hesitate. Again, I’m looking for an exchange. I’m looking to fine-tune my positions because I’m not wedded to them. I share other people’s positions here because we are always looking for the greater good of our country.

We’re looking for the resources, for the right ideas and criticism. Whether they take the form of guest posts, articles, resources, links, or what not, it doesn’t matter, just share and don’t hold back. If we are all did this at our own capacity and resources, I am confident that we will get to the solution sooner rather than later.

A quick note about debates

If any of the materials you find here move you to argue, I can only say that’s a good thing. There’s nothing worse than a badly articulated argument. Great arguments always have evidentiary support. They are also logically sound, concise, compact, and make sense going forward as well as going backward. There’s a certain economy to them that makes them great arguments regardless of historical setting or economic expediency.

If you feel moved enough to send me a stinging rebuke or an impassioned plea, please do me the favor and support your points with objective facts. Notice the word ‘objective’? There are too many think tanks nowadays that seem to crank out study after study with the express purposes of buttressing all too common arguments. I’m not interested in those. Instead, please find sources that don’t suffer from conflicts of interests, fudged internal sources, or problematic origins which seem to be the bane of current research.