Essential Tips on How to Get the Best Out Of Your Lol Smurfs

High-ranked players usually consider purchasing a lol smurf account to aid their improvement and effectiveness. For the standard process, it will take the player a couple of months to move from level 1 to level 30 so consider buying lol smurfs instead.

The holy grail of this game (the ranked queue), also known as the ELO hell is the point of no return. You stop climbing at this point. When you reach your skill level, you will lose control of the game and start to use the team features. To pass through this stage, the only thing that will bail you out is through practice.

While it is not a bad idea to practice on your real account, it could cause more dangers. If you were able to reach Platinum 1 but not yet ready to attain more positions and ranks, then you can now organize a practice session on a League of Legends smurf account.

The main advantage is that you will gain more MMR without losing anyone, thereby limiting your chance of reaching Diamond stage. It also allows you achieve the optimal ELO, to boost your confidence.

Hide Who You Are

Are you a professional player or famous streamer who wants to conceal their identity? Smurfing is a fantastic way to perform this task. There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to hide their identity, and smurfing provides the best way to tackle this problem.

If you are a famous streamer, then you would have been getting messages from unknown people, receiving friends’ requests, and have a lot of suckers looking to swindle you. This leads to frustration, and you can’t blame people because they just want to have fun and play the game. Just be in a low key when using your new lol smurfs and don’t reveal your identity to people. Otherwise, it can lead to more complications or end up having the same problem as your primary account. To get the best out of this, consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

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