Italian home owners should definitely get a hold of for bed bug advice


Make no mistake about it, bed bugs are all over the world. They are like cockroaches. You can’t get rid of them.

It doesn’t matter how cold it may be outside, you can bet there will be bed bugs going inside the building. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the tropics or in an Antarctic environment, bed bugs, if you are not careful, will be part of the scene.

Now, this might seem depressing. It may seem like there’s no hope against these six-legged invaders. Well, you can make progress when it comes to your struggles against these insects by allowing yourself the right information. Information is really the key here.

And unfortunately, there are all sorts of misconceptions about bed bugs flooding the internet. A lot of people think that bed bugs are just simply products of bad hygiene. This idea gives people the wrong impression. They think that as long as they wash all the linen and make sure that all the trappings or outer coverings of appliances and furniture are taken care of, then pretty much everything will fall into place. Bad mistake.

You have to understand that hygiene is just one part of the equation. It also involves facilities management. It also involves local culture. It also involves heat and food sources. The food sources involved, of course, walk on two legs. They’re called human beings.

This is why you really cannot have some sort of one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to bed bugs. They are like cockroaches. You have to attack them from many different angles. Most importantly, you have to adopt new cultural elements in any kind of internal space so you can minimize their occurrence.

I know that sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to you, but the practical implication of what I just said really boils down to changing how you do things. This might seem pretty easy, this might seem downright simple on paper, but believe me, this is very hard to implement because it impacts everything that you do. It applies on so many different levels.

And unfortunately, if you are involved with any kind of regular organization, it’s very hard to change these group habits. It really is. Because when an organization keeps going, there is some sort of organizational inertia, somehow, some way, people are not very comfortable with changing how they’ve been doing things.

Maybe they have grown accustomed to these, maybe they have certain interests that they are trying to protect—whatever the case may be, eliminating bed bugs, as simple as it may be from a planning level, might actually impact all sorts of cultural, economic, financial and legal issues that it’s actually quite a tall order.

Do yourself a big favor, go to and get high quality information that will enable you to slice through this set of completely foreseeable resistance like a hot knife through butter. You’re looking for relief, I understand that. But you need to be equipped with the right information, otherwise, it’s not going to work out well for you.

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