For the smoothest Italian skin, consider getting Strawberry Laser Treatment


Usually, when people think about skin health, they think that Italians don’t really need much. It’s easy to see why because there are lots of beauty products and cosmetics coming from France.

Italian women also have Mediterranean skin that tends to age differently than the Northern European skin. Put these two crucial factors together, and it’s no surprise that people from all over the world, and I’m not just talking about Italian people, have fallen in love with Italian women.

There’s just something about Italian skin that really draws a lot of admiration from guys all over the world. And unfortunately, jealousy from women all over the world.

Italian skin is a curious mix of olive color and a smooth light and soft and supple dynamic. You really can’t quite put your finger on it. You just have to see it for you to recognize it. But it’s definitely there.

There’s something compelling about it, it’s hard to describe. And that’s why it’s so mysterious to a lot of people from all over the world. Fashion photographers and glamour bloggers flock to Italy to highlight Italian skin.

Now, I wish I could tell you that this applies across the board. I wish I could tell you that this is some sort of genetic advantage that all Italians, regardless of where they come from, regardless of their personal background or genetic predispositions, share.

Unfortunately, if I did that, I would be flat out lying to you. Because the smoothest Italian skin is the province of a fairly few select Italian people. They set the standard. This, unfortunately, creates a lot of tension in society.

You have to understand that whenever a certain segment of any culture sets the standard, everybody else will try to keep up. Everybody else feels that they are somehow, some way, falling behind, so they have to step up. This can lead to all sorts of problems.

Thankfully, we now have technology that would make the transition to smooth Italian skin painless, comfortable, and not necessarily expensive. I am, of course, talking about Strawberry Laser technology. If you want the smoothest Italian skin, you only need to go to the right cosmetologist to hook up with the proper Strawberry Laser therapy and you will be well on your way there.

Now, this doesn’t happen overnight. If you want the very best smooth skin, you need to go through several treatments. Thankfully, this doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t have to whip out your credit card, you don’t have to go into debt, you don’t have to pawn your house or your car. Strawberry Laser treatments, depending on where you are in the United States, can be quite inexpensive.

The problem with the US is the cost of labor. That’s what makes the typical laser treatment—and I’m not just talking about the Strawberry type, I’m talking diamond peel and everything else—quite costly. It’s all about the labor.

Now, if you were to get this type of treatment done in Thailand or other parts of Southeast Asia, you get the best of both worlds. You get amazing skin, the technician or the consultant that worked on your skin got paid well, and you saved a lot of money. Talk about a triple win.

Yes, a win-win situation is possible, but you need to go to the right place. You need to talk to the right specialists so you can get the very best without spending a whole lot of money.

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