Top Methods for Locating your iPhone

Losing your iPhone in a cafeteria, in a rowdy environment like a mall, or in a taxi or just randomly on the street isn’t going to look palatable. iPhone thefts have been on the rise and it is becoming a major problem these days. According to an article on, people report about the loss of iPhone on a daily basis and the situation is becoming worrisome and unbearable.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone, Apple’s Official App uses the firm’s iCloud service to track your lost phone. First, always ensure that you install Find My iPhone app to enable you to use the app on the web or on a different devices whenever you misplaced or lost your phone as it helps you to track the location of your phone, make the phone inaccessible, set a password on it, or even remotely wipe off its data. It comes at no cost and requires access to another device such as Mac, iOS, or a web-connected computer when you lost your phone.

Device Locator

For device Locator app, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. Instead, it enables you to log into a web-based account to trace the location of a phone, trigger it to make noise, make the phone inaccessible, and more.

Ping With Your Apple Watch

If you are in possession of an Apple watch, I suggest that you use it to ping your encrypted iPhone. The ping function is positioned at the Apple Watch’s Control Center — access the control by swiping up from the base of your watch. The icon is similar to a phone with sound waves oozing out of it. Click the ping button and your device will bring out a ping sound, even when it is set to vibration or silent mode. Keep on pressing the button as you search for the missing phone.

As an added function, click and press the ping button for some time to trigger the LED flash on the iPhone to blink (note that this only functions when the iPhone is locked).

Call Your Phone

This technique won’t enable you to get back a stolen iPhone, but if you misplaced the phone around the office or house, then it will work. Just dial your phone, and unless you set the ringer off, you will be able to find your phone even if it is placed between the couch cushions by following the ringtone. Obviously, you will have to use another person’s phone or a land-line for this one.

Make Wallpaper with Contact Info

Though a few apps highlighted above offer a similar thing, you can decide to design a wallpaper that comes with your contact details for free. Use your most preferred graphics app to create a wallpaper with your email address, name, an alternate phone number that is accessible, and any other relevant information a person can use to contact you. Then place your image as both the lock screen and wallpaper of your iPhone. Although this won’t stop a thief from stealing your phone it could help you get your device back if it is found by a trustworthy person.

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